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Dharni Sampda

Dharni Sampda Pvt Ltd (DSPL) is an Indian Mining Company with experience of over 10 years in the mining industry. 
The company name is in Sanskrit,"DHARNI" means EARTH and "SAMPDA" means WEALTH, We have carefully selected these Sanskrit words as "DHARNI SAMPDA" collectively means EARTHS WEALTH.
Our Company name symbolizes the various mineral deposits found in the earth. 
1Aerial View of DSPL Mines at Ivory Coast
2DSPL Mines at Ivory Coast
3DSPL Mines at Zambia
4Excavation at Ziemougoula, Ivory Coast
5Production at Bondoukou, Ivory Coast
6Dispatch from Ivory Coast Mines
7Port operations at Ivory Coast
Ivory CoastAerial View of DSPL Mines at Ivory Coast
DSPL operates several mining projects in African Nations through its mining permits at Ivory Coast, Zambia, Niger and Gabon. DSPL has substantial high-grade mineral reserves of Manganese, Uranium, Bauxite, Diamond, Baryte, & Nickel.
We are currently engaged in mining operations of Manganese, Uranium and Bauxite.

DSPL is in the process of vertically integrating its Manganese operations by establishing Ferro Alloy Plants at its manganese mines in Ivory Coast and Zambia.

The Company has within its structure its own geological survey capabilities, analytical services, laboratory network, and technical subdivisions, meaning that the Group possesses the full-cycle of teams it needs to enable it to develop its assets quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
Our Goal is to create value for natural resources for the company and for the nation we operate in.